How Well Do You Know Yourselves As Designer?

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“If you ever wanna know what a creative person’s mind feels like, imagine a browser with 2,867 tabs open. All. The. Time.” – Someecards

You will get annoyed if some design looks so bad or not great enough for your eye right? Sometimes it just doesn’t suit your style, and also that maybe because of the variety of art or perhaps it’s because some are expert in different styles and so do you.

All of us must be creative and unique in our way. That’s why we identified that there are six types of designers. Let’s see which one are you?

The Perfectionist


Go to the left a little bit more, nope, go to the right, okay that’s it. It’s perfect. Well, some people who’re perfectionist are detailed in one area, and one of it is in the design aspect. You are so detailed in creating artwork.

It has positive and negative impacts since you are detailed you’ve already scanning and try to fix everything. So, at the end of the time, you meet the client or superiors, you will have a fewer revision. Who likes revision anyway?

If you are not a perfectionist type, you can follow their steps to have enough sleep time. Another thing that can put a perfectionist in a hard spot is because you put so much pressure on yourselves. Well, at the end that’s still the best version of you!

The Simple Person


Sometimes it doesn’t need much work to create a great design. Simplicity and minimalist artwork can stand out amongst other tasks. It’s not because you are lazy, but because you prefer it to be organized.

Since you tend to make it simple, it becoming less complicated even for others who see it. Besides, it makes more space to put such informative words in your design, which is a blessing for anyone who received your work.

The 60’s Kid


Shout out to the old-schooler! You are not boring at all. Instead, you are one of the coolest gang in the art street. It’s more exciting to be back to basic since there’s no one against it because creativity and freedom are always rife through art and design.

As the retro, you appreciate the value more rather than making it famous. The content either the object of your design is what matters. Stay cool as you are!

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The Walking Color Coder 


You are not only liking it, but you are in love with colors. You are in love and that’s why you really understand the types of colors such as skyblue, charcoal, cyan, etc. Well, it’s really impressive to have someone that can remember the colors well enough. You must be popular amongst the designer since they probably always asking you all the time, which is great because you didn’t get annoyed by it.

The Typography Addict


It needs a particular technique for arranging a font into art, and you did it! The font has lots of varieties, which is why it is called unique because you can choose the right font to use to create art. You know what size to be used and the proper spacing to be applied.

You always imagine the object with all the fonts inside. That’s why they called you the typography addict, right?

The Gradient Master


Since you know the colors very well, you feel like one or two tone is never enough. Then, why don’t combine it? Nowadays, gradient color is often used, even by Instagram to create their new logo. It’s not that easy to pull it off, and that’s why people need you as the master.

Those are six types of designers that we identified. Which one are you?


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