People Will Remember A Great Brand: Try To Prove It

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Nothing in this world is perfectly made. Humans are bound to make mistakes and that’s just normal, so you don’t have to feel very bad whenever you create a mistake.

It’s possible for humans to create mistakes. That applies to everyone, including the superbly intelligent inventors and scientists, such as Thomas Alva Edison. In fact, the investor who has been described as America’s greatest inventor had to fail at least a thousand times before actually creating the world’s first light bulb ever made.

However, what if you create mistakes that you know exactly you can avoid? Now that’s a whole different story. It’s true, really, that mistakes can always happen to human. But, humans have always been the smartest species that has been ruling the earth for countless years, due to the insanely good ability to think and adapt. So, as human beings, we naturally should be able to calculate and prevent mistakes from happening, as mistakes could be annoying to deal with or even, troublesome. That applies to your brand, too.

Obviously, mistakes can also happen to your brand that could be dangerous for your business. And from so much, there are at least three dangerous mistakes that often occur to new brands and sometimes, to big brands, too.

The three dangerous mistakes include:

Selling the product and not the brand.


For some reason, people commonly mistake branding with the product, the logo of the brand, the packaging, the tagline, etc. You might ask ‘why is that possible?’ There are various reasons behind this misunderstanding, but this fatal misconception can also occur because the brand’s incapability of creating a story or some would say experience behind a purchase. Running a business isn’t all about selling your products and done – no, that only works in the 19th century.

Now, if you get to sell the ‘brand’ that includes the story and the experience behind all activities between your brand and your customers instead of solely selling your products blatantly without any ‘sweet’ approach, you can expect to have your customers come back at your brand and even bringing with them some new customers, too. That is possible if you are able to sell the brand, not only the products.

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Bad copywriting and design.


Now let’s talk about the technical problems here that could affect the performance of your brand. Bad copywriting has been proven numerous times as one of the most critical factors that determine a success of a brand. Would you purchase a product from a brand that has a weird sense of writing behind it? Well personally, I don’t. Brands that are unable to convey a good message to their customers will never be trusted.  If a brand fails to define itself and its company, would you still want to claim the brand as professional?

 Nobody wants to look bad. Your brand should be thinking that way, too. Visual design is one of the deciding factors that makes people think whether they are going to hail your brand as a high quality brand or a low quality brand. If you want people to consider your brand as a high quality brand, you will need to create good logos and visual design. To do so, you can look for graphic designers with adequate skills so that your brand won’t be perceived as a mediocre brand. In fact, some people even choose one brand over another not because of the quality of the product, but the quality of design of the product.

Inconsistency in every single thing.


This one’s an obvious statement yet brands often don’t realize that they’re being inconsistent. Inconsistent can mean a lot things. For example, nobody likes to see an inconsistent brand that changes its logo every six months. In that case, try to define your brand and ask for your professional graphic designers to create a design that suits to the personality of your brand fully so you don’t have to change your logo too often. Inconsistency could also be seen from the brand’s behavior on for example, social media. Being active in only one platform while neglecting the other platforms could also be the reason why your customers choose not to trust your brand.

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The three problems mentioned above are small in number, but has been proven numerous times as troublesome to brands. To get more insight on how to deal with more problems your brand is facing, you can contact us by clicking here.



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