People Will Remember A Great Brand: Try To Prove It

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“Branding is the art of becoming knowable, likeable, and trustable.” – John Jantsch

The first step of knowing whether you’ve created a good brand or not is the way your brand get recognized by the people or not. A good brand will leave a remarkable impression on the consumer’s mind.

You will know when your brand succeeds it by how they can describe your brand or maybe when they can tell the way your mandatory present. Mandatory in this term means your logo or tagline.

Will they talk about it out of mind? Will they remember the shape of your logo just by memorizing it?

Apparently, Signs.com is researching with approximately 150 people to try drawing the logos of 10 big companies just by using their memories. According to Karen Haller, “People have an emotional connection with color first. Then we take in the shapes, the logo, and we read the words, if we sense a mismatch, it’s the color we don’t believe, despite the beautifully crafted words.”

We can see the results that have been tested by 150 Americans and 1,500 drawings that they spent to remember the exact logo of the brands. The companies which including Apple, Adidas, Burger King, Domino’s, 7-Eleven, etc.

You can try to draw 5 of the logos first to know whether you are good at remembering their logos or not.

Here are some logos that you can take a look.

1. Apple
Hey, don’t peek! Before you try to see the pictures, try to imagine Apple’s logo first. What it looks like? An apple that got bitten on the right. Is that what you tried to draw? If yes, you are part of the 20% that can guess the logo correctly.


You can tell that people who’re drawing an apple with rainbow colors are the one with age range 30s until 40s years old or in 20s years old. Because the apple’s logo that shown with rainbow colors appear in 1977 and 1998.

2. Adidas

If you are trying to draw the Adidas logo by using the trefoil, it’s still valid. Since it is always used on some of the company’s products. Adidas is known well for their three stripes and only around 12% that can guess it well.


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3. Burger King
Almost everyone can describe or draw the logo correctly with buns on the top and below the red fonts, but there’s a lot of people who also forget to put the blue list beside it. Some of them are placing the crown on top of the fonts.


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4. Domino’s
Shout out to pizza lovers! If you like pizza and order it, you probably know Domino’s Pizza. Have you tried to imagine what’s the logo looks like? Yep, the famous red and blue rectangle with dots inside it like a real domino.

Some people mistakenly draw the old version, and some did great. Also, they forgot to input the apostrophe into words.


5. 7-Eleven


Last but not the least, the store that you often go to buy some groceries. The logo itself doesn’t have significant transformation since 1946, but apparently, there’s only 19% of the people who can draw it correctly.

It shows that the logo still needs to get re-branding or some changes since it contains too many elements that can make the consumer confused.

Here are few logos from 10 big companies that even they exist among the market. You can check out the original website for more. Also, they still need to improve their mandatories so it can be in consumers mind in the right way. So, how to make a correct logo that leaves remarkable impression?


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