3 Marketing Tips to make Your ‘Boring’ Product Interesting!

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‘The more you adapt, the more interesting you are.’ – Martha Stewart

To become the winner of the competition, a brand or company needs to be different and unique than the other brands. Why – because everybody loves excitement. Old, existing things are boring. People need to see something new.

That’s why many brands do a rebrand and reevaluate their products. But, what if your company has an insufficient time to rebrand and create new products?

The answer to the question is simple. If your business doesn’t have the time to do a re-brand, the right thing to do is to make your existing products more compelling than your competitors. By interesting, we mean that your products need to be able to conduct something your competitors can’t. And you can do all that without wasting a lot of time.

And here are the 3 marketing tips to make boring products more interesting:

1. Exceed people’s expectations.


If your brand and products are expected to be boring and dull, surprise them. To surprise them, you can create an attractive advertisement or event that will make people who see it, see your brand in a different light. For example, Old Spice, an American brand that sells men’s grooming products was known as a boring brand.

After they had created an interesting 30-second-long ad, the brand ‘came back to life’, and a lot of people discuss the advertisement and of course, the brand as well.

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2. Get engaged with your customers and potential customers, and notice them.


Many companies forget that although the ultimate purpose of selling a product is to earn money, they need to engage with their customers. People love being noticed, and you, as a brand, should notice them and what they want and need. Use online platform.

Interact with them, and ask them personally what they would prefer when buying a product. And, after receiving their answers, you can offer your products, and of course, you need to fulfill their needs so that they will buy your products.

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3. Make your brand and products visible, and create interesting designs.


By visible, we mean you need to make your brand easy to access. Create online platforms like Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. and create advertisements there. That way, your brand will be more visible. You can also create interesting designs on your products packaging if you sell goods. If your brand and products are accessible, people will like your brand.

In conclusion, people love something new, something that nobody has ever expected before. You can be unique and interesting without spending a lot of money. You need to be creative.

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