The Importance of Music in Branding

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Sometimes, people tend to forget about the importance of music (sound)  in the world of marketing. If it’s done correctly, music can influence people and evoke different kind of emotions stronger than any design or logo ever could. Music can touch and reach audience psychologically and help the brand to convey their messages. Using the right melody and lyrics, music can help the brand to show their personality.

In video advertising, the combination of visual and the right selection of sound could make an unforgettable and special first impression. The element of sound is useful to increased brand awareness and brand recall. For example,, big corporations such as McDonald’s fast food company and Intel technology company were successful in making people remember their jingle. People might forget how exactly the shape of their logo, but people can imitate and hum the sound of their jingle.

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Looking from the cultural point of view, music is the universal language of mankind. People from various backgrounds who talk in different languages can all gather together in one place without having to brag about their differences, because of music. This is one of the reasons why companies like to make music events as a part of their campaign, in order to reach bigger audience. One of the examples is Urban GiGs by Gudang Garam.

Other than that, some brands are collaborating with music icon and it helps the brand to reach and make a bond with their target audience. Adidas have been doing some collaborations with different types of musician for years. The impacts are Adidas’ customers are varied from hip hop fan that using “Yeezy” by Kanye West, fans of eccentric color using “Afro” Hu NMD by Pharrell Williams, etc.

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In conclusion, music is one of brand-related stimuli that is frequently overlooked, whereas it’s an essential part of modern day branding.

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