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“You cannot get anybody to do something if they’re not paying attention to you.” – Brian Carter

This is the era where communication becomes so easy, even almost unlimited. People are able to communicate anytime and anywhere. All we need to communicate is a tool as the medium, such as cellular phone or computer, and internet network.

The new trend of communication way changed many fields. One of the most well-known and growing one is social media. Social media has become a way to share almost everything each individual wants in their own platform, of course within social media. When someone gain a lot of friends or followers in social media, she or he will have a big chance to get some benefits. One of it is to become an influencer.

Influencer is a person who has a lot of friends or followers in their social media account, thus they will influence others to act or think similarly with the influencer themselves. There are many reason of this. The person might be special, friendly, caring, inspiring, famous, or many other reason to be an influencer.

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An influencer with a good performance will be trusted by their friends or followers. What an influencer do, wear, eat, or else, the “friends or followers” will also do the same, they will take the influencer as their example in everyday lifestyle or etc. So, an influencer will get a chance to share something that have a big probability to be followed by others in their friends-list or followers-list.


Nowadays, many business owners use an influencer to share about their business brand, as a marketing tool. Influencer marketing is one of the best marketing tool in this digital era. An influencer will share something good about the brand and they will got a payment for the “job”.

Influencers only need to use their account to share something about the brand-somehow promoting a brand-in the period they had to. The business owner usually has the contents that should be shared. The more followers an influencer have, there will be more chances businesses reached out to them. This is why influencer marketing is a great deal nowadays.

Also, their payment usually depends on how many followers he or she-the influencer-have, because the more followers they have, a wider range of audience will be reached. This is why the higher number of followers, the higher number of payment will be received by the influencer. Of course, the brand itself will also be benefited by the announcement or review of the influencer.


So use your account wisely. Keep it clean from something useless, cruel, and unkind. People will and definitely choose good persons. Make your followers and friends trust you by only sharing the useful, nice, and good things. Communicate with them. Increase your followers and get the benefits.

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