How to Win Your First Followers through Personal Branding

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Attracting attentions is never an easy undertaking, especially when you are a new player trying to develop your own personal branding.

And if you agree with this, you must also agree that it is a lot of work just to get even one item flying off of the rack. New businesses rely so much on brand awareness so much so that it’s no longer about mere transaction. It’s about experience nowadays. Your fresh new business can benefit from the role influencers play. Influencers are a type of social media celebs and, as such, they own millions of followers, all of which listen to what they say. Hire a celeb like this and you are guaranteed any numbers of new followers in turn.

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Creating viral contents is also a great idea. Okay, people hate this kind of marketing strategy, what with articles headed by clickbait and all. But like it or not, it has been proven effective and won’t go away anytime soon. When mastering the art of clickbait is ticked off of your list, you can step your game up by doing vlog—video-blog. Yeah, too much work, isn’t it? But, hey; you gotta do what you gotta do to turn many a head don’t you?

Pay-per-click ads are relatively affordable. You can set the amount of money spent into this yourself. The ads could be in their visual form, similar to those on TV, but with a cost less choking. If all fail, there is one last resort you can rely on: Controversy. Sure, it is understandable if you are frowning at the moment. But this is a real thing and even the biggest brand out there does this. Pick a hot topic, turn it into a controversial conversation piece, and get ready for all the heat your startup will be getting in turn.

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