It’s People Who Decide Whether Your Brand is Good or Bad, Not You

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When building a brand, the perception of people towards your brand is one of the most important things that you need to give attention to. Why is it? Well, believe it or not, no matter how good or how bad your brand is, the one who determines if your products are good is not you and people who created the product. It’s people. The reason is that the perception you are giving to your products could be biased, rather than honest perception from people.

Don’t let the saying “pleasing everyone is a bad idea” frustrate you. It is true that you can’t accept everyone’s idea because how impractical it is, but you should take some people’s opinions into account.

And here are the tips on turning your brand into people’s favorite:

1. Communicate with your customers.


You can communicate with them by creating a stand-in bazaars or events. This way, your customers can engage with your brand personally, and ultimately, like your brand. Another convenient way is to communicate using social networks. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn pages are one of the websites that can be the medium that bridges the communication between your brand and your customers.

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2. Ask your customers for honest reviews.


Reviews and criticism are the best things new brands could ever receive because when your brand doesn’t receive them at all, that means people don’t care about the existence of your brand. And if you have a hard time to follow which reviews you should follow, you can compile them all and sort out which part of your brand is being mentioned the most.

If people mostly talk about how bad your customer service, and you see some other people saying, for example, your product doesn’t taste good, and if it’s only one person who says that, you shouldn’t follow the advice of that one person that says your product doesn’t taste good. Instead, you can improve the quality of your customer service, because a lot of people have reviewed on how bad it is.

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People look for products with the best quality and the best price. Often, they don’t mind spending more money to get the ‘good’ quality some brand would offer. This alone is the very reason why you should never ignore reviews from people. Some might hurt, but they are one of the best advice you could get that can improve the quality of your brand.

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