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“Every advertisement should be thought of as a contribution to the complex symbol which is the brand image.” – David Ogilvy

In this modern world, companies realize that their product will be more acceptable if they create a strong brand. To create a strong brand is a unique job. It takes time and effort. Even big company will need to keep up with their brand or has to strengthen it. How to do the branding strategy to get a strong brand? What’s the connection between product or company’s brand with personal brand? Will it effect marketing? Let’s find out.

Every company has leader, workers, marketing staffs, and other divisions. Every division has their own job, but all of them must work together to strengthen the company. In this digital world almost all company must be transparent. 

Personal branding of every person in the company can be seen from the internet. So, the content of every member’s social media account can affect the company’s branding. If the branding of the staffs are good, the company’s branding will also get the good effects, and of course it will affect the marketing in a positive way.

So, be careful with building personal branding. If you are a worker, use your social media wisely. Learn to post something neutral, or you can lose your job. Here are some tips to create a strong personal brand by using your personal account. These tips could be applied to Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and others.

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Use Professional Name

Using your own name will make you trusted and shows your responsibility to the account itself.

Post Good Content And Good Photos

Good content will be useful for your followers. You can learn to make good contents by joining classes, read books, or do blog walking. Good photos means a higher chance for people to find you. If you unable to make it by yourself, you can use the help of a professional photographer.

Be Resourceful And Searchable

Don’t share hoax, wrong news, or other things that will make people angry or hate you. Be aware of sensitive issues happening.

Join Good Groups And Be Active

Joining social groups means a wider connections and more friends. Keeping in mind, wide connection is really helpful when it comes to work and other professional things.

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It’s important to make a good personal branding because it will help to strengthen company’s branding. Stronger brand will create stronger marketing that will surely affect the company’s growth. Interested in more personal branding article? Click here!


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