Oprah Winfrey Just Revealed Her Secrets to Success!

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On her graduation day at Smith College, Oprah was delivered the commencement address with an opening that she shared about how she’s being an anchor when she’s 19 years old. While everyone else was happy with their first job, she was happy for being on TV. Of course, it is fair to know what’s her secrets behind the great success.

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“Knowing “why” you want to do something, not just doing it.”


Have you asked yourselves the reason behind why you did something? Why are you working on these projects? Is it only because of fame, is it just a responsibility as someone that currently graduate or money?

Well, we couldn’t be a hypocrite. Of course money also one of the main reason. But have you think about it deeply, why do you want to do your job? According to Winfrey, she said by understanding the “why” behind the doing could also change the paradigm for every show which in the term it also means for every work that you did.

Let’s turn the platform or your main reason to service. The same way like Winfrey did when that decision changed her life. Because she’s no longer just doing the show, instead she made clear intention to use every show that she did to inform, to encourage, to uplift, to inspire and to entertain others in the same time.

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“How do you use yourselves? The real empowerment is when you use who you are, what you’ve been given, the gifts you hold to serve the calling.”


What’s your talent? Have you figured out what your actual calling is?

After knowing the reason why let yourselves deep in your unique skills. Let your talents be someone else bless. It is the service that you can give to help someone else. Don’t let your job use you, make yourselves use your job to service others and to change the world.

That will be your true value as a person. If building a company takes time, why don’t you use the same time to achieve something more meaningful?

You’re doing something not only for surviving but to sharing with others.

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“Everybody wants to be heard.”


Winfrey interviewed a lot of influencers, celebrities, and other great people. It’s so exciting that almost everyone after she questioned said “is that okay? It went well?.” Almost everyone wanted to be heard.

Let’s say you argued with your co-workers or your friends. You want your opinion and how you feel towards them can be heard by them. “Can you hear me?” It is the same way like how other people felt, and they also wanted to be heard.

By hearing what their problems are, you can decide what service that you can give to them.

And, that’s why Dreambox wanted to hear your problems. We know it is hard to create a business that can be recognized by others, that is why want to give you the best service in our unique skills in branding and help you to achieve your goals. Remember that you are not alone!


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