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You must have known Apple Inc., right? Almost everyone knows and using Apple’s products and let me tell you a secret. It’s not only about the brand awareness. It’s about brand identity.

Wait, hold on. What is brand identity?

As a person, what is your identity? Can you describe yourself?


Maybe you’re a tall person, wearing your favorite yellow scarf, walking on downtown every day while grabbing a cup of coffee, you like to talk to Maggie about your cat. Until one day, you are standing in the crowd, and Maggie recognizes your yellow scarf and waving at you.

The same goes with brand identity. Apple, for example, you can recognize and differentiate Apple’s products just by looking at it. They always have Apple’s logo in the back, the curvy side on the phone, a single button below, and they’re known as a company with innovations and technology every time they’re releasing new products.

That’s what and why people know Apple’s products. Those who are not a user will know Apple’s products right away because of Apple’s brand identity.

Now, how to create a true brand identity?

Brand identity consists of several things, such as:

1. Logo and Brand Name


The first time you meet someone, I bet you introduce your name first after the awkward handshakes. The same goes with brand, logo and brand name are part of brand identity. It is one of a way to define a brand.

“What will they think? How they will feel about your logo and brand name after looking and hearing about it?.” These questions might appear in people’s minds and how to make a good impression will be your primary objective.

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2. The Shop’s Atmosphere


Okay, now tell me. What is your first impression when you entered Starbucks for the first time? Do you feel cozy and easy to find them on your way to work? Well, yes. That’s what Starbucks is trying to offer. They wanted to makes you feel cozy like you are in your second home.

When you go to office too early or when it is too far to meet someone, you can always go to Starbucks at the intersection. The place that stays in the middle of your way to the office and first home is what they offered to you.

You can feel like you are at home, with paneled wood decorations, green vibes all over the place, the lighting, etc. that describe who is Starbucks as a person.

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3. Company’s Culture


You are not alone in establishing your business. Your employee, your janitor and everyone in the company are the one who helps you. When you are not there, the one who meets the customers is your employee.

The experience is what creates an experience between the customer and your employee as the brand’s representative. That’s why it is necessary to create a great company’s culture to make them understand that their role is essential in building the brand.

All of it called brand identity, and it’s part of branding. If you have struggled in finding your brand identity to compete better in the marketplace, don’t worry. You have us!


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