World’s 10 Most Memorable and Iconic Brand Logos

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“Logo is the face of a brand.”

A good logo helps a brand create an identity. The identity a brand creates is usually poured into a vessel. And the vessel here is the logo. Every big brands you see everyday has something unique that helps them distinguish themselves from another brands. Big brands tend to create iconic logo to help people remember the brand. Here’s the list of the 10 most iconic logos in the world according to inc.com:

10. Starbucks

9. Target

8. Amazon

7. Pepsi

6. Microsoft 

5. Google

4. Coca-Cola

3. McDonald’s – Golden Arches 


The third place is taken by McDonald’s Golden Arches. McDonald’s Golden Arches stands for the brand’s initial – the letter M. The bright yellow helps people notice the logo from miles away. McDonald’s restaurant chains usually have a tall pole in front of the restaurants with the logo on top of the pole.

2. Apple – Bitten Apple 


Apple’s bitten apple is considered the second most iconic logo in the world. The logo is made accordingly to the brand’s already easy-to-remember name – apple. Rob Janoff, the creator of the logo actually made the apple logo that way to prevent people mistaking it to a cherry.

1. Nike – Swoosh 


And the first place goes to Nike’s ‘Swoosh’ logo. The ‘Swoosh’ logo was created in 1971 by Carolyn Davidson, a graphic designer. It is considered as the most recognizable logo thanks to its resemblance with a check mark.  Although simple, the logo helped Nike gain brand awareness that leads to the brand’s success.

A successful brand is a brand that is able to leave a presence into people’s mind, whether they use the product or not. If you can make people remember your brand just by looking at the logo, you can call your brand a successful brand.

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