It’s 2018, Step Up Your Marketing and Branding Game!

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“Branding adds spirit and a soul to what would otherwise be a robotic, automated, generic price-value proposition. If branding is ultimately about the creation of human meaning, it follows logically that it is the humans who must ultimately provide it.” – David Aaker

Way back when the idea of people being connected from one another only in matter of seconds was something unimaginable, people market their products by selling them in person. Some even sell their products from door to door and some would travel hundred miles just to sell a product. This happened when technology isn’t as advanced as today. However when radio and television appeared, things became more easier to promote, changing marketing into something more dynamic and more personalized.

Today, where everything is much simpler and easier to attain, marketing method needs to be even simpler and more personalized. Not only about the content, but also about the way of advertising. Yes, hard selling isn’t always effective these days. No big brands ever sell hard sell their products to their consumers; they convince their customers to think that they need to buy from the brand.

Brands need to catch people’s attention in a world where everyone is talking. Obviously, it’s not easy. Brands need to live up and market their brand at the same time, both in order to attract more customers to buy products or services from the brand. To make that to ever happen, companies need to:

Create a strong identity

Brands need to create a strong and unique identity if they plan to be seen by their customers. Start with the logo, slogan, message, everything that suggests that the brand actually exists. Without an identity, people will never know where and how to find a brand. When ‘Apple’ is mentioned, one can think of the fruit, or the brand. That’s how effective a strong and unique identity is in marketing.

Create something new

If you think you can’t compete with other loud brands, you can create something that has never been made before. This way, people will not only buy the products, people will also remember it for a long time. However, this isn’t particularly easy. Many companies try to create something ‘new’ and have failed miserably, mostly due to the ineffectiveness and uselessness of this ‘new’ thing.

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What brands need to do in order to succeed when creating something new, is to make a sense of urgency; creating something that will be needed and wanted by the mass.

Be active

In the age where everybody is connected through social media, brands need to be more active and stay connected with their customers and prospective customers. This will make the brand look more human, making the customers feel they are directly connected with the brand.

Create quality product.

Last thing that needs to be kept in mind is to create a quality product. If a product has a terrible quality, why would anyone buy it? People always want to spend their money on things that they think is valuable and worth purchasing. Create quality product, a brand will stand a chance against the big names in the competition.

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Interested to build a strong, and unique brand in 2018 but have no idea how? We can help you! Contact us here and we’ll help you create not only a strong, but also a memorable brand.


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