Being Unique Isn’t Always Good for Your Brand

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“Just because you’re unique, it doesn’t always mean you’re useful.”

Many brands put their effort to be different and unique to compete with other existing brands. There are already tons of brands out there in the competition, and for a brand to stay relevant and compete with the contest; it needs to be different and unique. If a brand can’t offer the market a reason to choose or buy the product of the brand, the brand won’t stay in the competition for long.

Uniqueness has always been one of the things a brand needs to make the brand visible to the public. For instance, Tesla succeeded to attract people by being unique and different, which is by developing electric cars. For a broader example, when you get into a grocery store, you’ll see thousands of products with different packaging, of course, to distinguish a brand to another.

However, every single brand that tries to become big by being different and unique needs to remember that by being unique does not always make something useful. Uniqueness will help a brand only if it is innovative and if it creates an impact on the market. Sure, differences can distinguish a brand with another, but you don’t want people to look down on your brand because it’s so useless.

For example, you see ten forks in your table. All of the forks are the same, except for one. It catches your eyes because it is entirely different than the other nine forks. But, the problem is, the one different fork is bent over, and it can’t be used. The fork is different, indeed. But, using the ‘different’ fork can give you a hard time eating or even hurt your mouth because the end of the fork is bent all over the place.


Source: 9gag

The illustration written above tells us that uniqueness won’t help a brand if it’s accompanied with uselessness. Be unique and different, while doing something useful!

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