Stop Over-Expecting Things!

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Are you setting your expectations too high for your brand?

If you are an entrepreneur, always remember that it’s completely fine for you to set a realistic bar for your company to achieve, but setting the expectations too high could hurt you and your brand in a way you’ll hate the most. Not only you’ll realize that your brand is not ‘good enough’, you’ll find your brand falling apart while putting most of its efforts chasing the unrealistic expectations.

To prevent your brand from falling apart and not exceeding the expectations you’ve set, try applying these ways of thinking:

Be realistic.


Oftentimes, being blinded and dazzled by a certain company’s success is the reason why small to mid-range companies won’t achieve any progress at all. You’ll need to remember that even if your brand has similarities with, let’s say, McDonalds, it doesn’t mean that your newly-made fried chicken brand can ‘compete’ with the huge brand that’s been selling fried chickens for over sixty years.

Be true to yourself, always look for what weaknesses your brand has and try to get rid of those weaknesses, that way you can pave your way to the top, realistically. Don’t get too worked up that you’ll miss the realistic chances you can get right in front of you.

Stay consistent to your original goal.

consistent-dreambox-branding-consultant-rebranding-agency-jakarta-indonesia-singaporeAs your brand grow bigger and bigger, there will always be a possibility where you’ll try to achieve a bigger goal before actually achieving the original goal you’ve set in the beginning, which is dangerous. Once again, being swayed by smaller achievements could blind you to over-expect things to happen. And once you realize that you can’t achieve this new goal of yours, you’ll need to start from the beginning again. To prevent this from happening, always try to not look too high up; always head your face forward.

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Know what you’re capable of.


It’s impossible for a newborn baby to run. Same thing applies to your brand. Instead of focusing on things that is highly unlikely to happen to your brand, try focusing on refining your brand’s core values. Without interesting and unique values, people wouldn’t even bother buying your brand. But, always keep in mind that you are you, no matter how similar your brand is to a big brand, you can’t assume that you are exactly the ‘twin’ of that other brand.

When running a brand, you’ll need to remember that you can’t rush things; everything takes time. Try to stay true to yourself and stick to your original plan. You know your brand the best, don’t try to overdo things.

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