The Challenges and Hardship Before Re-Branding

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As the development of the times, the market is also required to be able to make changes significantly. You must experience it right now, the changing products to satisfy people’s needs and wants intense competition, and the mutable customers. It must be frustrating to think about it all once. By seeing what happened, marketers start to change their brands by doing a makeover.

Like any other meaning or assumption, we can imagine a girl who starts growing up and try to do a makeover is seeking to make a new face as a part of a transformation. The transformation means that the girl who starts to do a makeover is trying to open another chapter of life. The new image, new styles, everything is changing. The same goes with the brand. The brand makeover is also including the changes of logo, packaging, symbol, and brand names.

If previously we discussed Proven Ways to Improve Sell! Or Amazing Secrets to Be Success In The Future! To improve sells. Now we are going to learn the challenges and hardship that brand makeover will face in the future.

Let’s take a look at the first case. Pepsi has the orange juice beverage products that sold in the market called Tropicana. In February 2009, Pepsi changed Tropicana’s packaging from a straw that was protruding from the orange fruit into the phrase “100% Orange”. Unfortunately, Pepsi got negative reactions from the customer. They feel like the packaging was difficult to be distinguished and looks ugly. Six weeks later, they change it back to the original packaging. To avoid these issues, you need to do research before you change the whole packaging. Because what you think is true, does not mean it can be seen the same way by society.

The second case is about the change of The Gap’s logo. The Gap changes their logo in 2010 into Helvetica font with blue squares in the right corner of the letter. After releasing the logo, the customers were commenting on social media about their changes. It has a lot of controversy and bad responses from the society. After a long week, Gap finally changed their logo back to the previous one. We can learn from these cases that engaging the right brand idea with the right people is challenging. If you do re-branding correctly, you will raise brand awareness along in social media effortlessly. But if you don’t, it will obstruct your brand to be well-known.

From two cases, we can learn that you need to do research first to know the customer’s taste, needs or wants and the challenging side of making the right brand makeover or you can say re-branding. Now you can take a step ahead with more preparation and consideration. If you want to brand makeover and still couldn’t figure out the right way, it is our pleasure to help you!

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