Things You Should Know About Social Media Branding

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“Social media will help you build up loyalty of your current customers to the point that they will willingly, and for free, tell others about you” – Bonnie Sainsburry

The most obvious example of the social media effect to the personal branding is Donald Trump’s presidential triump. When he started his campaign, his popularity and electability was far below his opponent, Hillary Clinton. Slow but sure, he catched up Hillary and won the election. The question is would he won the election without social media branding?

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More than 90% of  the election voters are smartphone’s owner. It means most of them connected to the social media. When you flooded the social media with informations that favored you, sooner or later, you can change the social media’s owner perception. Trump did that and succeed. His succeed should open our eyes that social medias are effective to improving our companies or personal branding. These are the reason why social media played important role in branding.

The Fastest Vehicle

The information on the social media spreads very fast. People may share the information he has just by one click or tap. Unlike journalists that tied by jurnalistic’s code, the social media user almost have no restriction at all. If they think the information is valuable, they will share it. They often didn’t care about reliability of the informations. In other words, any information we find in social media will spreading so quickly because it is easy and free.

Anyone Can Speak Louder

Social medias are virtual society. You don’t have to meet somebody face to face to make interaction. You might be using pseudo name in your social media’s account. Anybody could be somebody else in virtual society. Since you are actually alone at social media and feel save in reality, you have no hesitation, shame, or afraid to say anything. At least you will become braver in social media. This mean you can say or do anything that may be you just can’t do it in real life. If we can give information that favor to our brand and accepted by the virtual society, it might be increased our brand instantly.

Competitors Have Social Media As Well

Social media is commonplace right now. Everyone now has social media, reaching common people to companies. This does include your competitors. Some of them may already use their social media to gain advantage and achieve something more. They could also be hiring special people to consult about their social media and how it affects their brand, or to increasing their brand value through social media. 

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With social media branding, you could establish your personal branding and make good of it. Are you interested to know more about branding? Click here to find out!


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