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When it comes to business, it is obvious that you’re going to sell your products, whether they are goods or services. All your marketing and branding efforts are combined into a vessel, which is the product you create. And what makes it scary is, it is not you who decide whether your products are bad or not. It’s your customers. So, you need to create interesting products that your potential customers can enjoy.

People will decide to buy your products when they start to feel they have to buy your products. If people don’t get to feel why they should buy your products, they will stick to their original preferred brand. It’s simple, really, to understand people’s buying behavior, if you look at it this way.

What’s hard is, to get people to buy products from a brand that they don’t usually buy stuff from. People usually have their own ‘brand of choice’, and to beat those products, you need to create interesting and high-quality products.

So, what should you do to beat those productshow to get people choose your product?

1. See if your product is meaningful, interesting, simple, and lasts forever.


Products you see every day in convenience stores are manufactured by well-known but mainstream brands like Nestle, Coca-Cola Company, Unilever, etc. If you pay attention to the products, you’ll see that the products are known not only because the brand manufacturing them has history, but also the products are interesting.

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2. Offer values.


What makes those products interesting is because they have a value that makes them stand out from any other products. Have you ever had the thought why are there so many different mineral water brands? They all are practically the same, and in some countries, you can drink from the tap. The value they offer is what makes them relevant. Whether it is by drinking it, you can get more oxygen, more mineral, or anything that makes one brand different from another.

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3. Interesting packaging and name.


When it comes to succeeding a purchase, everything becomes a decisive factor on why they should buy the product of your brand. If the design or the logo is only a little bit off, people would realize it and that they probably wouldn’t buy it from you. A name is also a decisive factor. You can conduct research or survey on what name you should pick. Be sure to make it memorable so people won’t have a hard time remembering the name of your brand.

These three are the primary, fundamental keys that your product should offer to compete against existent brands. Of course, you can add and implement your principle to your products. Bring the best out of your product by showing the ‘character’ of your brand.

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