Wait, Brand Have Archetypes Like a Human Does?

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Have you ever imagine that a brand like Nike for example, walk out from a place, getting dress up, eat and chat with friends as a human does?

It’s rare, isn’t it? Let’s try to figure out what is their brand personality as a human. No one knows who found it first, but according to Pearson & Marr (2002), it is “Narrative structures, themes, and definable characters that if achieved, give us a temporary sense of success, fulfillment, and satisfaction.”

The function of brand archetypes itself is to influence people’s perception, to share their stories, to let people get to know and understand them like how you get close to one of your best friend. You’ll be able to differentiate your best friend in the crowd just by looking at their styles, voices, etc., right?

Apparently, there are 12 brand archetypes that you can take a look:

1. Caregiver

Brand Archetype_Caregiver 1

The warmth of mother love will always remain in our heart, isn’t it? Like a mother, caregiver brand always focuses on helping other people. Like Johnson & Johnson products which makes the customer feels loved and take care of. They care about your baby’s health and needs. Even when you do not have enough money, they will still provide you.

2. Hero

Brand Archetype_Hero 1

What do you think about Michael Jordan? Is he a hero in basketball field? Well, he is recognised as the “G.O.A.T – Greatness of All The Time” which shows how great he is in basketball field both in NBA history. He’s not afraid of failures and keeps on trying to make it happen. It’s the same as hero brand that tends to show their braveness and determined side.

3. Explorer

Brand Archetype_Explorer 1

What’s in your mind when you see Jeep for the first time? You can feel their adventure vibe right away, right? It is what the explorer brand is trying to give to their user. Their brand promise is freedom. You can discover yourselves through explorer brand. They like to invite you to figure out the unknown.

4. Creator

Brand Archetype_Creator 1

Apple is always releasing innovations in every new electronic product. We can see the massive difference from 2G until iPhone X for example. Creator brands like Apple still produce exceptional innovations. They are always experimenting, and because of their innovations, they tend to have people that adore their innovations which is good for having the loyal customer.

Creator brand tends to be more creative than the other brands which showing their unique selling proposition, but because of that, they also seem to be more narcissistic than any different brand.

5. Innocent

Brand Archetype_Creator 1

The innocent brand type always aims for happiness and has a free spirit. They are afraid to be punished for something that they did wrong. They tend to be honest but also childish at the same time. Disney for example, they are spreading happiness through animated stories.

An innocent brand can be shown from pure and simple advertising. Coca-Cola advertising, for example, they are showing the underlying value of true happiness through soda drink. The message can tell right away, and it is according to what the consumer would like to see which is a straightforward advertising.

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6. Jester

Brand Archetype_Jester 1

A jester brand like to enjoy life and doesn’t like boring stuff. That’s why you will going to experience new things with jester brand. They are joyful and tend to see regular stuff as something that not exciting.

Jester brand promise is to entertain their customer. If you’ve heard about Zedd, you must be heard “CANDY MAN” featuring Aloe Blacc. Their music video is unique and fun by using M&M as one of the instrument. You can see the video here.

7. Lover

Brand Archetype_Lover 1

As a couple, they are so passionate and committed such as Marilyn Monroe. But at the same time, they tend to be people-pleasing and shallow. They like to be represented as a prestigious brand, such as Victoria Secret’s. Lover brand always focuses on how the products feel towards the brand.  

8. Magician

Brand Archetype_Lover 1

The Magician brand is like a problem-solver. They can magically solve your problems right away. Vanish the liquid cleaner for example. They can magically remove the stained from your clothes right away and solve your problem. A magician brand can heal and can influence people by using their products.

9. Outlaw

Brand Archetype_Outlaw 1

Think of several rebel brands. What can you get? Harley Davidson? Yep, you are right. Harley Davidson is an American motorcycle that has a strong brand figure as a brand that likes to break the rules. Revenge and revolution are their core desire. The rebel customers can feel the freedom by riding Harley Davidson motorcycles. Outlaw brands are trying to makes you feel the social differentiation.

10. Ruler

Brand Archetype_Outlaw 1

Let’s imagine a brand that can control and have substantial power in the daily basis, can you tell what brand that can represent it the most? Microsoft for the right representation for ruler brand. Microsoft Corporation is an American multinational technology support almost every computer software globally. Their corporate is so convincing as a brand ruler. That is why their brand promise is power. They are the most dominant among other brands.

11. Regular

Brand Archetype_Outlaw 1

You can always rely on regular brands such as IKEA for example. You can find solutions for your sweet home’s decorations or furnitures. The regular brands like to be part of something but afraid to stand out from the crowd. They are seen as the good guy that you can always depend on and be there for you, but when it comes to crucial time, the regular brands tend to show their weak side.

12. Sage

Brand Archetype_Sage 1

Who’s watching Star Wars? If you like to watch it, you must have known Yoda. The legendary Jedi Master who seeks truth and wise. Sage brand is like Yoda, who’s open-minded and promise you wisdom.

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Now can you describe what your brand archetype is? If you are still clueless, you can reach us to help you out. Brand archetypes will help your brand get known better in the marketplace.


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