How to Find The Right Brand Essence?

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Essence is the uniqueness of the brand and the qualities that make an impression in the minds of customers. In other words, it can really be seen as the brand values, core competencies, brand feel in the minds of shareholders and customers. Some people think branding as the heart and soul of products and services. Brand Essence is used to create a positive environment on the brand and help customers connect to the brand. It may be physically or emotionally link. It helps to create brand loyalty. This is the essence of brands that inspire and motivate customers to purchase products or services on regular and recurring products. It also helps in creating long-term relationships with customers.

Branding can be perceived as an indicator of the quality of the product or service and satisfaction indicators. It tells the customer how many companies or brands care about them even after the purchase. Company show concern on topics related to their customer satisfaction and product quality eventually leading to the brand essence. It is common for business owners to search for Brand Essence to their peers, their clients, or to the market. Here is a simple process that anyone can do to learn more about the brand essence.
Make a list of descriptive terms which describe how you think your companies are being considered by customers and your industry. Take your time, and list as many as you can think of, and be honest, make a list of positive and negative perceptions. Use words such as “expensive”, “professional”, “care”, ” friendly, ” ” experience “, “integrity,” “expert,” and “best in class. “Make sure you cover everything. Ask others company to add to the list.

Next, create a second list with a term that describes how you want your company to consider customers and your industry. Again, take your time. Some of these conditions should be as same as the case in the first list. Honest, a little bit ambitious, and realize some description that does not fit you enough you might think, but who want to work for, go ahead and put it on your list. Now compare your list and study it. You can see when there is work to be done. You will be able to see the negative that carry your brand again, do your best to get rid of them as fast as you can!

Currently, it is part of your Brand Essence. You may need to smile more or communicate better or even change your strategy. Now look at the positives, particularly positive thing that appear on both lists. This description provides valuable clues to the essence of your brand. It explains not only what you want your company to be, but as a company that is probably already there.


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