4 Handy Tips to Prevent Imitation Right Now!

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It’s not the same usual day for Tannia Ospina, and she just found out that her design has been copied by one of the biggest company called AliExpress from China. Her swimsuit design for kids has been imitated, and the company took few of her pictures without her consent.

This is not the first time it happens, a lot of small and big business were experiencing the same case. Their products and logos have been imitated directly.

Source: Belle Threads

This is a severe case since there’s no quick response and it will decrease the sale of large either small enterprises that have original ideas. The imitation threatens the future of China itself since they’ve becoming less expert in innovating and the growth of market globally because foreign companies are reluctant to use China-based service companies. It affects the relationship between one country to another.

Source: Business Insider

You must have seen and met these artificial products. A lot of famous logos and concept have been imitated. This is a very concerning situation because this is not just happening to large companies but also for small companies. What if this happens to your brand?

First, as the brand owner, you need to quickly identify and deal with the imitation products. To protect your brand, you need to use IP rights as the strategy to encounter the problems. You can protect your brand, products, and concept according to the law and in a fair way.

Second, you need always to monitor the market activities to anticipate the similarities of other brands, products or logos. This will decrease the imitation market to spread their wings even more in the future. It can control the imitation goods to stop reproducing.

Third, there is a phrase “price according to the quality.” If you use and give the customer an excellent quality of your products and services, eventually your customer will keep on using your brands at the end. Why? Because imitation goods won’t last longer than the original brands.

The last, give your employee and customer a brand education. This method can avoid the customer to purchase counterfeit products and how to differentiate between the imitation and original goods in the future.

So, by following these four simple guidelines, as an entrepreneur and the brand owner you can prevent the imitation of your goods and services. Especially when it comes to maintain your relationship with the employee and customer, you need to give them the right brand education, so they have a clear view of your brand. Find your brand essence with us to provide them with the right brand knowledge!


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