5 Tips To Do Personal Branding That Truly Describes You!

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“Your personal brand is a promise to your clients… a promise of quality, consistency, competency, and reliability.” – Jason Hartman

How do you want people to think about you? How do you want people to describe you? What kind of thing you want people to remember from you? These questions describes what personal branding is all about.

In this internet century, company or people usually build their personal branding using online media. Website, social media, blog, and many others became the tools. How to use those tools to build good and everlasting personal branding? Let’s find out!

Internet gives many chances for every people to make themselves known. You can see there are a lot of names that became famous after they posted great and entertaining contents such as song cover, motivating videos, cooking videos, art videos, art work pictures, and many other. It takes less money to spend, too.

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It’s not a surprise that almost everyone nowadays has at least one social media account. Either way, it’s not bad to have many social media, but to make a good personal branding, here are some tips for you!

Be Honest

Be honest with what you are. Don’t make people think you’re so good online, but they’ll be disappointed when they actually meet you. Just be honest with your condition, your activity, and other things around you.

Good Contents

Learn how to make good contents, so that people will be interested to find and see you. An awesome activity will just be a common activity if you can’t make nice report. You can learn this by hypnowriting from experts. Some of them create free classes or even shares free e-book. This is a definitely worth to try tip!

Talking Pictures

Your activity must be recorded by video or photos. Be sure to post only good photos that truly describe you. If it necessary, hire photographer to make this. In purpose to make personal branding, post picture that linear to your purpose. If you are a beauty blogger, you must post photos about how to do make up, before and after face, or beauty stuffs. Be creative with this.


Be interactive with your online friends. Give comments and like in their posts. With being interactive, they’ll remember you as good person. Be sure to do this constantly, not only when you need to sell something.

No Hoax And Spamming

Never post hoax, or news that you haven’t know the truth. Be resourceful by reading trusted online media. Read carefully before you share something. Always keep this in mind and be critical when it comes to new information. Don’t spam, too. This will make people think that you wrote on their timeline only for what you need.

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