Tips to Help You Create Great Content for Personal Brand

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“Dont say anything online that you wouldn’t want plastered on a billboard with your face (or logo) on it.” – Erin Bury

Personal branding is necessary to make you become somebody  that is worth searching for. Surely, people will trust a person with a better personal branding.

Build your personal branding with minding how you act, your words, and gesture. You can also use social media to strengthen your real life personal branding. So, what is the right way to do social media branding and how will it be useful in building your personal branding? Let’s find out.

A person’s traits and personality can be described by the content they post on their social media account. Every content you share on your social media profile can be seen by your followers, including your friends, family and colleagues.

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If you plan to use social media to build your personal brand, you’ll need to create contents that can describe your personality. Here are the five tips to help you create great content for your personal brand on social media! Check them out below.

Know Your Audience

Your audience consists of your followers and your soon-to-be followers. You can find the trends that they follow by finding out their interests from their social media profile. Once you’ve found out about their interests, you can turn them into your loyal followers by posting contents that they’re interested about. It’s not easy at first, but you will get the hang of it eventually.

Increase Your Knowledge by Reading

You are practically giving influence to people who follow you with your personal brand. To be an influencer, one should be knowledgeable. And since you’re planning to have your personal brand become stronger, you will need to increase your knowledge. The best way for you to increase your knowledge in a short period is by reading. Read about everything that is interesting to you and implement it to your personal brand.

Learn to Tell Stories

There is no single person with a strong personal brand who’s not able to tell stories. People with strong personal brand are usually adept if not expert storytellers. Without any interesting story to tell, there is no way anyone would follow them. So in order to strengthen your personal brand, you will need to be able to tell stories (yes, you can tell stories even from your Instagram caption, so start exploring!).

Content Combination

People sure have their own preferences. For example, a lot of people around the world loves to use Instagram, but some people wants to see more photo content and some of them enjoy writing content rather than others. By combining your content between balanced photos and writing contents, you can utilize Instagram in a more effective way in reaching your audience.

Timing Is Everything

Post something that is corresponding with the situation you are explaining. Up-to-date content will interest people and make them think you are a well informed person. But, if you choose to be anti-mainstream, you can post neutral content that is long-lasting. This will show that you know something that is always useful for your audience.

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Remember that branding is not only for a company. People also need to build their own personal branding. By reading this article, you can learn and then apply these tips to maximize the efficiency of your contents in building your own personal branding. Want to see more articles alike? Click here!


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