5 Useful Tips On Avoiding Brand Myopia

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“If a brand loses its focus, it is also losing its identity. It’s dangerous to lose focus.”

Beforehand, you should understand the term ‘brand myopia’ first. Myopia is a condition of the eye where light focuses in front of the retina, instead of on the retina. People who are suffering from myopia have limited and blurred vision. Thus, in business terms, (brand) myopia is the condition of a brand where it loses its original goals or focus. When a brand loses its focus, it could destroy itself.

These are the 5 tips on avoiding brand myopia:

1. Always remember the original objective of your brand.


Sounds trivial, but in fact, many start-up brands fail to stay with their original objectives and finally end their businesses. Stop broadening your ideas. Stay with your original objectives, trying to please everyone is impossible.

2. Stop focusing only on selling products and getting revenues.


This has been said million times by countless marketers, running a business doesn’t mean only selling products. Instead, refine your brand. Add values for your brand. Your product will sell by itself, and your customers will look for you.

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3. Always update your products.


There is no such thing as ‘perfect product’. Just because one of your products is so popular in the market, it doesn’t mean that you should keep selling only that. Don’t get swayed by such things, instead, always listen to what your customers want.

4. Don’t listen to all critics or advice from people.


It’s important for you to listen to people’s opinion about your brand, but do not listen to all of their advice. This could lead to confusion. Do what you think is best for your brand.

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5. Be realistic.


Unrealistic goals often make brands unfocused. Those unrealistic goals are dangerous for brands. Brands blinded with such unrealistic goals often lose focus and ruin their brands.

It’s good to try new things for your brand in order to gain more customers and gain more revenue. But, do not forget that losing focus could lead to your business’ death. Stay focused!

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