Consider Doing a Rebrand When These Problems Occur!

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When a brand faces problems that could result in things that could hurt its name or even its source of income, doing a rebrand could possibly help a lot, if done properly.

However, before jumping into conclusions, you will need to find out if your brand actually needs to rebrand or just needs to apply several tweaks and improvements.  In fact, by analyzing thoroughly and carefully, you could help your brand decide what really needs to be done. You don’t want to overkill it by doing a major rebrand that could destroy the image and position your brand has already built beforehand.

You can consider doing a rebrand when these circumstances occur:

When the brand logo looks outdated.


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Your customers will be the one who realize when this happens. We live in the digital age where almost everything is accessible from the internet, including your brand. When your brand logo is outdated, it will stand out in the competition, in a bad way. Why is it?

It’s because every other brand logo has already been optimized and are digital-friendly, meanwhile your brand still uses the old logo that doesn’t look good on gadgets at all, which will definitely stick out like a sore thumb.

When the strategy you’ve been using doesn’t work well anymore.


Brand needs to adapt to things, including to socioeconomic changes, political changes, etc. in order to stay alive. Without the ability to adapt, the brand will get eaten by the competition and eventually lose its loyal customers.

When this happens, what you need to do is to reinvigorate and reinvent new brand strategies that can help your brand win your customers’ hearts.

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When your brand is trying to achieve a new business goal.


Sometimes when a brand tries to achieve a new goal, a new approach needs to be done. The reason behind that is because the new goal will take more effort for you to achieve it, or in other words: harder to achieve. This one’s quite similar to the previous one we’ve mentioned, when a brand fails to adapt to things, it will find it hard to improve let alone outrunning the competition.

When your brand aims for a new target market


When a certain group of people your brand not targeting buys from your brand, you will need to expand your target market so that people of that certain demographic group become aware of your brand product’s existence.

You have to react when that happens so that they will return and buy from your brand again. You definitely wouldn’t want to lose a potentially big group of customers that could lift up your sales twice or even three times higher, would you? That’s why you will need to rebrand when this happens.

These four circumstances might or might not happen to brands. And when they do, you know what to do: consult to a trusted rebranding agency that will surely help your brand strengthen its position in the competition.

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