Developing Brand Trust And Its Importance

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“If people like you they will listen to you, but if people trust you they’ll do business with you.” – Zig Ziglar

Have you ever wondered why some people find it difficult choosing a brand they’re not familiar with? The reasons may vary, either because they don’t know about the brand itself or they don’t understand what the brand represents. Either way, it can be said that people simply don’t have enough trust on the brand yet. This will have an impact on the brand in the long run.

Building a brand trust is important. It takes incredible amount of time and effort to able make your target market and people in general to have trust on your brand. It isn’t necessarily hard to do but you’ll need to pay attention to the tiniest details possible. If people put their trust in your brand, then you should not worry about competitors. What’s next is to find the right way to make people trust your brand.

Have A Clear Value Proposition

Value propotion is very much important from the get-go. It defines brands as what they are and to communicate with audience about what they can do for them. The important things are that the brands should able to recognize its ability to deliver their promises, and to represent the intentions and motives beneficial to your target audience that have value on them. These things are called competency and benevolence.

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Let’s put it on another perspective. Think competency and benevolence as promises. You deliver to people what you are and what you promise to them. To gain their trust, you don’t want to break your promise and deliver what you promised.   


Important note you should know is that to be able gain trust from your audience, your brand should have consistency. No matter how good your brand represents, if the brand doesn’t consistent on delivering their value propotion, people will not put their trust in your brand.  

Be Transparent

People like when brands are honest to its market. They wouldn’t like dishonesty as a mean to gain trust. If your brand always attempts to be truthful and honest, people will put their trust in you. For example, if your brand advertises a free product, don’t surprise them with hidden fees. This strategy may work, but you will lose your customers’ trust in return. Or if you plan to raising you price, give them the reasons. As long as you’re telling the truth, people’s trust will not be affected.

Brand trust is a very delicate thing that needs to be given much attention. Since brand trust is intangible, you can’t exactly calculate them with numbers. But if you do succeed in managing a good brand trust between your target audience, people will develop a certain loyalty to your brand. People then will suggest your brand to their friends or family.

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Brand trust is important thing that should you do. It will give you trust from the people. Interested in more reading about brand trust? Click here!


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