The Secret Of A Strong Brand

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“A brand is the set of expectations, memories, stories and relationships that, taken together, account for a consumer’s decision to choose one product or service over another.” – Seth Godin

Have you ever talked about a something, drinking water for example, and people will answer you with a brand? Even if they hold different brands, they still call it with a dominant strong brand that represent most of the similar products. That’s a sign of strong brand.

English dictionary said “brand is the name of a product that a certain company makes”. Brand can describe a product and also the company. Companies fight to make a strong brand that can take them to become the first in market line. 

A strong brand does not just appear from nowhere all of a sudden. It is a long way process of building a consistent company that produce high quality products. To be consistent in producing high quality products, company must build good management and producing process.

They do research and development to be stronger. They also had a high level quality control to make sure that they only share the best products. This may takes time and money. But once a company became strong, they’ll only need to keep up with the good work. 

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A strong brand may also describe of those who is first in a certain product. Let’s call it the leader brand. Leading company have the ability to get wider market, because there is still no competitor. Even if a competitor appears, the leading company has got experiences and their own market, making them have a lot of benefit. The question is, how to make a strong brand stay strong?

Be Consistent

Strong brand describe high quality. Make sure to do quality control that can avoid bad product shared.  

Be Good With Your Customers

Loyal customers love to be treated good. Giving them rewards is one of the many alternative that people loves. Companies can do this by adding bonus everytime a customer buys a product. Some product can also given a discount or special voucher.

Treat Your Customers As A Human, Even If They’re A Company

Even in this digital century, customers still need to be treated as a human. They love the attention. Treat customers like this and it will make a strong relationship and loyalty. Their loyalty will make them share good experience to their friends. This will make the company’s brand stronger. Find ways to make customer feel satisfied and loyal. 

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