Find Out What People Think About Your Brand Using Your Five Senses!

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When you’re trying to find out what people think about your brand, you don’t have to make it hard for yourself by overthinking things. Instead, try to think if your brand has the senses to become a good brand.

As we’ve already mentioned several times, your brand is what people think about you. You can’t control people’s perception, but you can alter them. You can change what people think about your brand by thinking like your customers. If you want to know what people think about you and your brand, and why do they think that way, just put yourself in their shoes.

However, your opinion might be biased because it’s your brand. In that case, we’d suggest you to try to think using the five human senses.

1. What do people think when people see your brand?


First impressions are always crucial for brands, as it is might be the very reason why people would go for your brand and not for another brands. The usual first impressions might sound like this, “I’ve never seen this brand, it looks pretty good. Might as well buy a product.”, or, “I’ve never seen this brand, and wow it looks nasty.” You obviously don’t want people to think like the latter, so make sure to create good impression for your product.

2. What do people think when people hear about your brand?


Word of mouth is one of factors that decides whether people are going to like your brand or not. Why? Usually, people tell their relatives, family, or even clients about their purchase of a product. They would tell people why they should or even shouldn’t buy the product. Their honest opinion towards a brand influences the behavior of the person who is being told about the product.

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3. What do people think when people smell your brand?


This applies well for retail stores or companies that sells goods. Does your store stink? Does it has a weird stench that makes people hate to visit your store? Or you can also think does your product has a ‘unique’ fragrant that can make people think of your brand when they smell the scent? People love things that smell good, and you can even list that down on your ‘strategies to attract your potential customers’!

4. What do you think when people taste your brand?


This doesn’t apply only to companies that sell food and beverages. Does your product has a ‘good taste’? Is your product socially acceptable and appropriate? You wouldn’t want to hang a picture of a woman in a bikini if your company sells toys for children, would you? Or even, you can ask yourself, “If my product was a food, would it taste good?”

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5. What do you think when people feel your brand?


If you feel something is missing, you can ask people you know their testimonials and combine their opinions altogether, to find yourself the conclusion on what is missing to your brand. Try to find out if your brand doesn’t have the feeling that people would enjoy when they buy from your brand. Pleasing your customers will be the number 1 priority if you want to generate sales.

In the end, people would choose one specific brand over another because of the ‘specialty’ that no other brand can offer. Click here for more articles!


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