Improving the Visibility of New Brands: A How to

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One of the biggest challenges a new business that you run must overcome is visibility.

It is so fresh out of the drawing board it exists as mere speck of dust in an ocean of brands—some of which are big bubbles. Now, as daunting as this could be, it is not entirely impossible. Of course, it would take years, decades, maybe, for those new brands to be at the same level as other big bubbles. Some little advertising steps are what it takes to stay relevant and be able to compete with others.

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Let’s start with the simplest ever: giveaways. No one hates free stuff. So, use this to draw attention. Hold a contest or something with your product as the main prize. A giveaway program is a perfect opportunity to introduce your brand to a larger crowd. Your brand is now more widely recognized and you are able to net some potential buyers in the process. Want something even more potent? Find an influencer and get them to announce the contest. The combination of your effort and the presence of influencers can double the impact.

Influencers are also a great mediator to help with further expanding your audience. In fact, this is one of the most common efforts new startups often resort to. But be aware of rate of service though. These influencers are practically celebrities. Their rate of service varies depending on the level of their fame. Alternatively, you can be a sponsor to a local event. Find out if there’s an event to be held near your place soon. When you are accepted as one of the sponsors, your brand could be everywhere within the venue. Offer free samples to visitors, make sure your logo is on the flyers, and get the host mention your brand.

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