Things New Brands Should Do to Boost Their Visibility

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What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘new brands’?

No matter what your answer is, we can tell for sure that it’s not Coca-Cola, Apple, Microsoft, Toyota, etc. Well, duh! The brands mentioned above are huge brands that have been around for years now. People can simply tell the name of the brand just by looking at their logo. How is that possible? It’s only possible because brands with big names have always put huge marketing efforts such as advertising, campaigns, product placements, etc. which is something new brands with small budget could never do.

What new emerging brands should do however, is to boost their visibility so that people can become aware of the brand. Once people are aware of the brand, they wouldn’t be as ‘suspicious’ as when they see the brand for the first time. They can now try to use the product of the brand and ultimately decide whether they will stick to the brand they’ve been using or go for the new brand.

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And here are the things new brands should do to boost their visibility:

Do giveaways


An interesting way to give your audience the chance to use your product for free is to give away some of your products. You can do it by creating a contest based off of your products. Let’s all be honest here, everybody loves free stuff, myself included. Thus, it is guaranteed that people will join your contest to get the free stuff, which is your product. Not only it is a good way for you to attract your potential customers, you can also use the giveaway to communicate with them. Use this chance to educate your potential customers about your brand and its products.

Sponsor local events


Local events are one of the good ways for new brands to find a way to be seen by their potential customers. Local events are usually attended by people of different types of background. Using this chance, new brands can make people aware that the brand exists by for example: putting the brand’s logo on the event’s flyers, offering the visitors free samples, asking the MC to mention your brand name, etc.



Even big brands that has been around for the longest time use this strategy. Just type in ‘cola’ into Google search and you’ll see the brand Coca-Cola on the top 5 result. By applying SEO, new brands can expect their customers to be able to find them more easily. Let’s say you run a restaurant that specializes in Indian food. By choosing the right keywords on your website and social media, people can easily find your restaurant just by typing in for example ‘Indian food in (your area)’ on Google. That’s how effective SEO is for businesses.



You can ask popular reviewers or influencers to promote your products. If you’re wondering if your brand could afford paying an endorser to review your products, you don’t have to worry. There are influencers or reviewers that don’t really demand huge amount of money to feature your product in their content. So, what you need to do is to find the right type of endorser that could persuade his or her followers to buy your products.

Needless to say, new brands are not in the level to compete with brands that have been around for years. What new emerging brands should do, is to apply realistic marketing strategies in order to build their brand awareness steadily.

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