Micro Influencer To Strengthen Your Brand

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“An influencer promoting and amplifying your message, your brand, to their audience means credibility. It means additional reach, and it means you get an outsized modifier to the conversion process.” – Rand Fishkin

Influencer branding is one of the most effective techniques today to promote your products and increase your sales. In this context, there is an ideal strategy for smaller businesses, micro influencer branding.

Brands used influencers with large audiences to promote their proposals to specific audiences that could not be reached outside of social networks. Unfortunately for brands, connecting to a potential customer at this level is difficult and time-consuming. Brands need help with creating and establishing these authentic consumer connections, and that’s where the part of a micro influencer comes in.

Micro influencers are bloggers, social media users, and regular people who hold influence over their audience. However, what separates them from other influencers is the size of their audience. A micro-influencer can have anywhere from a few thousand followers to a few tens of thousands, there’s no exact limit, but generally, it’s under 100k followers on social media.

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Micro influencers have recently become very popular in the marketing and business world because many businesses have realised how powerful their influence can actually be. It appears that relationships and relatability between people have, in fact, a bigger impact than the influence of top influencers. It of course influences purchasing decisions. Most importantly, their followers trust them and engage with them at a much higher rate than other Instagram accounts.

In selecting the micro influencers, of course you need to target the right influencers, the ones who will connect with what you offer and be able to authentically communicate their love for your products and brand to their followers. Partnering with a micro-influencer can help get your brand and product in front of an engaged audience that’s likely to be genuinely interested in it. In fact, many studies revealed that social media users are more engaged by micro-influencers than celebrities.

Lastly, the most frequently asked question. What is the difference between micro and macro influencers? Simply, we can say that the macro influencers have a massive but less “deep” range due to the lack of interaction with the audience, while the micro influencers impact in a smaller number of people, but in a more convincing and close.

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Micro influencer marketing will definitely help businesses, especially small or start-up ones. But again, there is really no wrong in using micro influencers as your branding strategy. Interested in reading more about influencer branding? Click here to see more articles alike!


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