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Brand awareness is closely related to the embedded memory about the brand. Brand awareness reflects how consumers can recall the brand name, logo, symbols, packaging, etc. This memory is closely related to the brand personality, as already discussed in a previous article “The Great 5 Factors of Brand Personality“. Create either maintain a brand awareness is not easy and can be built in an instant; of course, it has the process and barriers. Following is some of the resistance.


A successful and strong brand is a brand that manages to be known and identified. It can be identified through touch, taste, hearing, visual, and sound. For example, when we close a few letters for the following brand N_K _, what’s a brand name that is on your mind?

Correct, the answer is Nike.

Although most letters of the brand are gone, consumers can still find out and identify the brand Nike. That’s what should be achieved i.e. recognition from consumers.


A successful brand is a brand that you can recall when purchasing. This is the result of consumer experience when purchasing the products repeatedly. The consumer can recall your brand name instantly if they are asked for purchasing their needs in the first place.

Strategic Implications

The advantages of brand knowledge can help the consumer to remember that they generate insights into how knowledge is organized into brands of memory and types of cues or reminders may be necessary for the consumer to be able to take the brand from memory. Porsche 911 as an example, consumers highly categorized Porsche 911 sports car as the prototypical but tend to think it’s just that way. Selection according to strategy will depend on the relative costs and benefits of targeting.

The following are some of the obstacles that you must know to build brand awareness. Stay tuned to know more about branding!


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