4 Essential Objectives of Brand Promotion

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In the previous article, we’ve discussed brand promotion and its functions. The brand promotion has 5 primary functions, which is to inform, to persuade, to remind, to add value, and to assist. These 5 functions are needed for every brand so they can optimize their brand and products.

Now imagine a promotional activity that is done carelessly and inappropriately that will result in hate towards the brand. For example, before translating advertisements into different languages, advertisers need to carefully check the translations, so people won’t make fun of – or even worse – hate the brand for the inappropriate advertisement translations.

Promotion activities should be done obviously with careful calculations and observations about the brand and its market, to accomplish its objectives.

And here are the 4 important objectives of brand promotion:

1. Creating brand awareness


For a brand to be known by the public, it needs to raise brand awareness. Brand awareness can be achieved using several ways, including promotional activities. Promotional activities are believed to be the most efficient way for a brand to raise brand awareness.

2. To repeat business


Repeat business is the term used when a brand or a product is being bought over and over again by a customer. So, brand promotion plays an active role not only in persuading customers but also turn them into loyal customers. One of the ways to do it is by giving the customer coupons or discounts to attract them to repurchase the product.

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3. Providing information about the products of the brand


If you’re going to meet somebody, you don’t know. An introduction is needed, so you get to know the person you’re going to come together and vice versa. Promotional activities act as the media that ‘introduces’ the brand and product to the public. The brand promotion also gives information to prospective customers about what new product a brand is going to produce next, etc.

4. Increase sales


This goes without saying, every for profit organization’s primary objective is to get as much revenue as possible. Promotional activities can help the brand to become visible to the public, with hopes that they will soon buy the product.

For example, in 2004, Chanel created an advertisement that features very famous actress Nicole Kidman. Chanel didn’t mind spending $30 million for their TV advertisement because they believed that they would receive more than that amount in revenue later.

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Brand promotion is needed for every brand to help itself compete against another competitor. Dreambox is ready to help your brand with its promotion.

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